John C. Reilly Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy


Guardians Of The Galaxy – that upcoming film that has inspired cries of joy from comic book fans and cries of ‘Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?’ from everyone else – has added yet another big name to its already impressive cast list. John C. Reilly has signed on for Marvel’s Phase Two anchor film.

It was suggested that Reilly was signed on to play the part of Ronan the Accuser, the son of Thanos – that’s the big guy at the end of The Avengers – and a major force in the Marvel Universe. Now there’s confirmation that Reilly is actually Rhomann Dey, the leader of the Nova Corps, an intergalactic military/police force. That means nothing to you? Try this: he’s been described as “the Agent Coulson of the Guardians movies.” OK, that’s a little better.

Everyone seems to be just a wee bit confused about what form Guardians Of the Galaxy is going to take, though. The big question seems to be whether or not its going to intersect at all with The Avengers and other points of that other Marvel Universe. Case in point is Dey: in the comics he’s the leader of the Nova Corps and an alien. But now it sounds like they’re making him a human and turning him into a Coulson-like character. I’m certainly confused and I don’t even read the comics. But I was confused when I learned that Guardians Of The Galaxy features a talking raccoon and an alien tree.

What is certain about Dey is that he’ll be played by John C. Reilly. Reilly will join a cast that already includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana (who must appear in every big budget film from now on), David Bautista, Glenn Close, Michael Rooker, Lee Pace, and Benicio Del Toro. Whew.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is supposed to be released on August 1, 2014. Maybe we’ll actually know just what the plot is by then.