John Stewart Will Reportedly Be The DCEU’s Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

When most casual moviegoers hear the name Green Lantern, they instantly think of the Ryan Reynolds bomb from almost a decade ago. Which is understandable when that’s the first and so far only time the iconic superhero has appeared on the big screen and the leading man hasn’t stopped making fun of it ever since. You might have even forgotten Taika Waititi was in the movie, and he’d definitely prefer it if you did.

Warner Bros. have been working on a reboot for years, though, and Green Lantern Corps was first announced in October 2014. However, movement has been virtually nonexistent ever since, leading many to think that it might remain firmly lodged in development hell. Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti is putting together a TV series that will air exclusively on HBO Max, but the latest report claims that a separate version of the character will still be introduced into the DCEU as originally planned.

According to tipster Mikey Sutton, John Stewart will be the Lantern representing the intergalactic law enforcers in the shared universe, but things might get pretty confusing from there. That’s because Sutton also claims that Hal Jordan will be the star of the HBO Max show while Stewart will suit up alongside the Justice League. However, it hasn’t been made clear if the two will be connected or not, even with the DCEU set to introduce the multiverse in The Flash.

That being said, the franchise already has three Batmen, so two Green Lanterns is hardly a stretch of the imagination. With rumors running wild that an all-new Justice League lineup could also debut in the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie, if Sutton’s information turns out to be correct, then there could be some casting news coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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