John Wick: Chapter 3 Isn’t A Sure Thing Just Yet


John Wick: Chapter 2 shoots its way into theaters today (or tomorrow, depending on where you are in the world as you read this) and expectations for the sequel are high. Its predecessor, a $20 million action film from 2014 that pulled in $86 million worldwide, was a sleeper hit and put Keanu Reeves back on the map. Not only that, but it showed Lionsgate that there was some real franchise potential with the titular hitman and it wasn’t long before the studio pushed a sequel into production.

Now, with opening weekend upon us, all eyes are on the box office figures to see how the film performs. Critics have certainly been kind to it, but will audiences want to return for more? That remains to be seen, but if you’re hoping to see a John Wick: Chapter 3, you better head out to your local theater this weekend and put some cash towards the sequel. Why? Well, because a third entry isn’t a sure thing at this point.

Yes, it’s true that Lionsgate has franchise plans and may even bring the property to television, but according to director Chad Stahelski, another sequel isn’t 100% guaranteed right now. While speaking with Screen Rant this week to promote his latest effort, here’s what he shared:

“I’ll say this: we’ve been asked to give [John Wick 3] thought. No one has been consigned anything specific other than, “we’d like to do one, would you be interested in doing another one?” … Personally, I’d like to be involved in some creative capacity.”

There’s certainly a lot left in John Wick’s world to explore, but waiting to see how Chapter 2 does at the box office before rushing ahead with another one is a smart move. The first film did well, sure, but it didn’t do gangbusters. That being said, we’re pretty sure that the numbers will be impressive this weekend.

After all, Lionsgate has been aggressively marketing the sequel in recent weeks and in the years since the original film released, John Wick has built up a pretty large and very dedicated fanbase. As such, an announcement of a John Wick: Chapter 3 shouldn’t be too far off now.

Speaking of which, if we do get another entry, Stahelski says he’d love to bring Laurence Fishburne back. In the same interview, the director said the following about having the actor return for more:

“If all the stars aligned I would love to have his character back. I think his character – in my head – plays a very integral role in the third film.”

Will he get his wish? We’ll have a better idea after this weekend, but if you’re hoping to see a John Wick: Chapter 3 one day, remember to show your support and check out the sequel. If you need more convincing that it’s worth your time, be sure to consult our review, which was very glowing.