John Wick: Chapter 4 Star Says The Franchise Is The Cream Of The Crop

john wick
Image via Summit Entertainment

When it comes to naming the best franchises in modern Hollywood, at least in terms of consistent quality and nothing else, John Wick has to be considered near the top of the pile.

The first three installments gained Rotten Tomatoes scores of 86%, 89% and 89%, while positive word-of-mouth coupled with near-unanimous praise from fans and critics alike saw the box office numbers increase by almost 400% in the space of two films, with John Wick‘s $88 million haul snowballing into Chapter 3: Parabellum‘s $326 million.

Next year’s Chapter 4 has set an incredibly high bar for itself, but one action veteran already viewed the series as the best in the business long before he even came aboard. VOD ass-kicking legend Scott Adkins plays Killa in the next John Wick adventure, and he had nothing but praise for both the upcoming fourth installment and the saga as a whole in an interview with CBR.

“I’m not gonna say anything other than it was a great thrill. I’m a big fan of Chad Stahelski and Keanu, of course. I can confirm that Keanu is as nice as everybody says he is. He’s a fantastic person. I view the John Wick movies as the best action films that are going on at the moment… It is the cream of the crop. For me, someone who’s dedicated his life to action films, I’m so happy to be involved.”

Having racked up close to 70 credits during his career, almost every single one of which falls under the action banner, Adkins is well-placed to offer his thoughts on John Wick: Chapter 4. Obviously he’s going to be biased given that he’s a part of the ensemble, but you’d struggle to find any self-respecting fan of cinematic running, gunning, punching, shooting and stabbing that doesn’t share the same opinion.