John Wick Director Open To Casting More Matrix Actors For Chapter 4


As far as cinematic reunions go, the one involving Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne in John Wick: Chapter 2 is a tough one to beat.

When Chad Stahelski’s super-slick actioner released in 2017, it marked the first time since The Matrix trilogy that Reeves and Fishburne shared the screen together. And with talk of a fourth installment taking flight at Warner Bros., one can’t help but wonder: will Stahelski go one step further and welcome Carrie-Anne Moss to John Wick: Chapter 4? It would certainly complete the, er, trinity

All jokes aside, when CBM caught up with Chad Stahelski, they posed that very question to the filmmaker, who conceded that, while Chapter 4 already has a release date locked in (May 21st, 2021, for those keeping track), the finer details of John Wick’s next big-screen adventure still need to be ironed out.

You know, Keanu and I talk a lot about where we want to go. We didn’t finish John Wick 3 and have this great big plan of how to go into Chapter 4. It’s something we’re constantly thinking about and we try not to force things. I certainly don’t want to include a cast member to try to get somebody in as a gag and work a story around that.

And while Stahelski entertained the thought of casting Carrie-Anne Moss (or Hugo Weaving!) in a future John Wick movie, he stressed that, above all else, story comes first. Which is to say that any Matrix reunions will fall onto the back-burner until such time as Stahelski is ready to move forward with a finished script.

If we create these great characters and you know, in my head, it makes sense to put Carrie-Anne in there or Hugo Weaving or any of our Matrix compadres, and it works and if they’re interested, that’s always a plus because they’re friends and I think they’re all excellent performers. So it’s yet-to-be-seen.

If more Matrix alumni are to filter into the John Wick universe, they’ll likely follow a similar path to Laurence Fishburne – a character will be made (The Bowery King, in this example), and if the stars align, the Powers That Be will send a script to either Moss or Weaving (or both!). Alas, for the time being, we’ll have to wait and see, but know that Chapter 4 is scheduled for release on May 21st, 2021.