‘John Wick’ director would love to make it to ‘Chapter 10’

john wick
via Lionsgate

Despite what Hollywood might repeatedly keep trying to tell us, not every successful franchise needs to be refitted, retconned, or retroactively rebooted into a cinematic universe. That being said, we’ll definitely let it slide in the case of John Wick, because everything we’ve seen so far has been awesome.

Keanu Reeves will return in next year’s Chapter 4, with the fifth installment having already been given a green light, while prequel series The Continental will focus on the younger days of Ian McShane’s Winston, and how he came to be the steward of New York City’s bespoke hotel for hired killers.

Six months after news of her potential involvement first broke, Ana de Armas has additionally been confirmed to headline spinoff Ballerina, which should be more than enough to get action fans excited based on her all-too-brief contributions to No Time to Die as the ass-kicking Paloma.

Director Chad Stahelski recently spoke to Collider about his plans for the future of John Wick, and in news that sounds perfectly acceptable, he didn’t rule out the idea of making it to Chapter 10.

“Right now we’re just seeing the finish line, so we’re trying to get through this one, and if it expands out from there, always happy to talk about it. [10 John Wick movies] would be awesome. But sometimes, I think it’s really good to do a Wick, then go learn and experiment on others and bring that knowledge back to Wick. So it could be good to take a little break, as I see it.”

Should that happen, then Reeves realistically wouldn’t be too far away from his 70th birthday, with the actor turning 58 in September. Of course, one only need to look at Sylvester Stallone to see that age is no barrier to cracking heads on the big screen.