John Williams To Score Ready Player One, Indiana Jones 5 And Possibly Star Wars: Episode VIII


John Williams, the inimitable film composer behind such reputable movies as Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, will reportedly reunite with frequent collaborator and friend Steven Spielberg for Ready Player One, the long-gestating adaptation that’s slated for release in early 2018.

Not only that, but after orchestrating the music of previous entries in each franchise, it’s understood that Williams is primed to extend his tenure on Indiana Jones and Star Wars by scoring Indy 5 and Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII. Bear in mind that, according to Williams himself, the latter is yet to be confirmed, but the musical maestro is certainly game to return to Disney’s galaxy far, far away.

Per Variety:

“If I can do it, I certainly will. I told (producer) Kathy Kennedy I’m happy to do it, but the real reason is, I didn’t want anybody else writing music for Daisy Ridley.”

Beyond that, 2018 and 2019 could herald new collaborations with director Steven Spielberg, and when quizzed about Williams’ decorated career, Spielberg had nothing but praise for his old cohort in an interview with The Guardian.

“Without John Williams, bikes don’t really fly, nor do brooms in Quidditch matches, nor do men in red capes,” said Spielberg, who has worked with Williams on 27 movies over 43 years. “There is no Force, dinosaurs do not walk the Earth, we do not wonder, we do not weep, we do not believe.”

Ready Player One will be sandwiched in between Star Wars: Episode VIII (December 15, 2017) and Indiana Jones 5 (July 19, 2019) when it opens on March 30, 2018.