Johnny Depp Confirms New Developments On Dr. Seuss Biopic

Johnny Depp seems to be everywhere lately. He has Dark Shadows releasing tomorrow but he also has a number of other upcoming projects that seem to be gaining a lot of attention. He is currently shooting The Long Ranger, he has The Thin Man remake that is in development and he’s also still hoping to put out a fifth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. One of his more interesting projects though is a biopic of Theodore Giesel, aka Dr. Seuss. It’s been in the works since Fall of last year and Depp plans to produce and possibly star in it.

The film is still in extreme early stages, which means there is currently no script, but it is still being actively developed. Depp recently spoke with EW and shared his idea for the film, which revolves around the good Doctor interacting with some of his most famous literary characters.

“A lot of writers I know have a tendency to talk to themselves or talk as the character — and then talk as the other character. You know what I mean? They can have a whole dialogue with themselves. There’s something interesting about bringing these characters to life and maybe even witnessing him have a relationship with them.

This is the man who created all these incredible characters that every single one of us grew up with and loved,” Depp explained. “What was going on inside his mind? What was his life all about — all the way up to the end? How did he feel about it, how did he feel about those characters, and how did he live?”

There is no word yet on what characters the literary legend will be interacting with but a safe bet is that the Lorax as well as the Cat in the Hat will be two of them.  The safe bet on these characters appearing is due in large part to the fact that Infinitum Nihil will be teaming with Illumination Entertainment to produce the project.  The animation company recently released The Lorax and they also have The Cat in the Hat in the works.

Though Depp still doesn’t know if he’ll star, the production companies must focus on a screenplay writer, a director, and making sure that this project be one that pleases fans, but also represents Giesel’s life to its fullest.

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