Johnny Depp Fans Now Planning To Boycott Fantastic Beasts 3

Johnny Depp

This time last year, if someone had told you that fans were actively planning to boycott anything set in the Harry Potter universe, you’d have called them insane. After all, the Wizarding World has reigned for close to two decades as one of the most popular and beloved multimedia properties on the planet, with anything even tangentially associated with The Boy Who Lived guaranteed to be a massive success.

However, the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been beset by problems for a while now, ones that aren’t limited to the disappointing critical and commercial performance of The Crimes of Grindelwald that had many people believing the prequels were running out of gas when director David Yates was only 40% of the way through the five-film saga.

There’s been the constant backlash aimed at creator and Fantastic Beasts screenwriter J.K. Rowling that could have an adverse effect on the third installment’s box office chances, and now Johnny Depp fans are livid that the actor was forced to resign from playing the villainous Gellert Grindelwald after coming out on the losing side of a libel battle against a British tabloid.

Depp’s supporters are currently calling for a complete boycott of Fantastic Beasts 3, and you can check out just some of the reactions to the situation below.

Normally, these sort of online movements don’t yield any noticeable results, but between the general apathy towards Fantastic Beasts and the double-edged sword of Rowling’s continued involvement and Depp’s firing, there must be a few nervous executives at Warner Bros.’ headquarters. After all, The Crimes of Grindelwald earned over $150 million less than its predecessor, and Fantastic Beasts 3 is going to have to pull something pretty special out of the bag to arrest the slide, especially given the recent controversies.