Johnny Depp Fans Stream His Movies For 24 Hours In Protest Of Amber Heard’s New Show

Johnny Depp

On one hand, you can’t help but admire the loyalty and dedication of Johnny Depp‘s fans, who have constantly backed the actor throughout the last several turbulent years of his career that have seen him dropped from two major blockbuster franchises and faced with a never-ending series of legal battles, with many insiders and analysts predicting that the 57 year-old’s standing in the industry has been dealt irreparable damage.

However, on the other side of the coin, there’s a feeling that many of his supporters are veering dangerously close to fanatical territory. As well as the various petitions to have him reinstated as Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Jack Sparrow while also attempting to have his ex-wife Amber Heard fired as Aquaman 2′s Mera, the Animaniacs revival faced backlash from a vocal minority for an out of date reference to a meme that was interpreted as a crack at Depp’s expense, even though the voice cast admitted that they had no idea why they were receiving a torrent of abuse on social media. It should also be said that that particular petition failed miserably.

The latest call to arms has seen Depp’s Twitter fanbase spend 24 hours streaming his movies as some form of protest against the premiere of Stephen King adaptation The Stand on CBS, which just so happens to feature Amber Heard in a supporting role, as you can see below.

The first of The Stand‘s nine episodes aired on Thursday, and while ratings aren’t yet available, the reviews haven’t been particularly kind. So if people aren’t checking it out, it’ll probably have a lot more to do with the fact that critics aren’t recommending it rather than the fruits of a successfully targeted attack aimed at CBS for daring to hire Amber Heard.