Could Johnny Depp Be Marvel’s Doctor Strange?


Every now and then it’s nice to take a break from Batman vs. Superman casting rumors, so to show Marvel Studios some love, here’s a casting rumor about one of their movies: Doctor StrangeLatino Review is reporting that Marvel wants co cash in on popularity of The Lone Ranger (hahaha, sorry, that was cruel) and has met with Johnny Depp to discuss him possibly taking the lead role in a film about their main mystic.

If Depp did take the role, it could impact his undoubtedly full plate, which currently includes yet another Pirate of the Caribbean sequel. He is also reportedly a bit older than their target age for the role, which is around 30 years old. But really, Doctor Strange as a young guy? It seems like someone Depp’s age would be a much better fit.

Of course, there have been other rumors in the past as to who would take up the Doctor Strange mantle. For instance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was reportedly once in the running. It’s particularly unlikely that he would be in any Marvel movie now, though, considering he’ll be busy with that Sandman adaptation he’s involved in (and with what’s at stake there, we’re just fine with him focusing on making that film the best it can be).

There are pluses and minuses to casting someone of Depp’s stature as the Doctor (Strange, not Who). He’s been a box office draw in the past, but obviously The Lone Ranger‘s financial flop put a big question mark on that. He would also undoubtedly come saddled with a pretty high salary, and Marvel may not want to drop as much coin on Doctor Strange as on some of their larger-profile movies.

Doctor Strange is likely to be a little lower-key than movies featuring Marvel’s more recognizable heroes, but how low-key is Marvel willing to go? We’ll likely find out when they start marketing Ant-Man. The answer may very well be “not low-key at all.”

Source: /Film