Marvel Wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Doctor Strange


With Comic-Con starting later this week, rumors and reveals are going to be popping up all over the internet. Fortunately for Marvel fans, we may have the hottest casting rumor of them all before the convention even starts. There’s word that the execs over at Marvel have one specific actor in mind to play Doctor Strange, and that actor is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

That’s right, the man who made his first adventure into comic book films as Robin may be taking on a much bigger role in the world of superhero movies, or at least he will be if Marvel has their way. As far as we know, no offer has been made to Gordon-Levitt, and he may not even know that he’s wanted for the role, but internally Marvel feels that the Looper star is ideal.

Personally, I think Gordon-Levitt would be an excellent choice for the role. While he wasn’t on my list of actors who could play the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s definitely got the talent to pull off the role, and many fans would love to see him as a full-fledged hero. His role in The Dark Knight Rises basically eliminates the possibility of him continuing in the DC universe, so if we’re going to see him as a superhero, Marvel’s the best bet. The current draft of the script supposedly has Strange in his early 30s, which is perfect for the 32-year-old Gordon-Levitt.

Again, none of this is confirmed in any way. It’s just a rumor that he’s the man Marvel wants for the role. But still, it’s nice to have something to speculate on until we get further information.

The main question now is whether Gordon-Levitt can grow a proper goatee.

What do you think of Gordon-Levitt as Doctor Strange? Is he the actor you’d like to see take on the role? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.