5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

A Doctor Strange movie has been rumoured for a long time and many fans have proclaimed their desire that Marvel’s most famous sorcerer get his own film. Well now their wish has been granted, as the film has finally been confirmed as one of the initial projects of Marvel’s phase three, meaning in a few years we’ll get to see the full spectrum of his magic and mysticism on the big screen.

For those who don’t know, Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon who was in a horrible car accident that severely damaged the nerves in his hands, leaving him unable to continue as a doctor. In a desperate search for healing, he travels to Tibet where it is rumored that the mystical Ancient One resides.

The Ancient One at first refuses to treat Strange, but agrees after Strange acts unselfishly when he attempts to stop Mordo, the Ancient One’s pupil, from attacking the Ancient One. He then studies under the Ancient One, ultimately gaining the knowledge that he later uses to defend the defenseless as Doctor Strange.

Of course, this announcement raises the question of who will star as Strange. This casting decision is of the utmost importance, and it’ll likely give fan-boys something to loathe or love until the film hits the big screen. Strange is a very complex character, meaning an extremely talented actor will be needed to play him. While comic book films may have once been looked at as something that wasn’t worth a top-notch actor’s time, the success of many recent Marvel films means the studio will likely be able to pull in just about whoever they want, assuming scheduling allows.

In order to ease Marvel’s decision making process, just in case anyone from the studio is reading, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 actors to play Doctor Strange.

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