Johnny Depp Reportedly Wants To Cameo In New Nightmare On Elm Street

Johnny Depp

The fans might still be firmly on Johnny Depp’s side after he was dropped from both Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, but the rest of Hollywood may not be so forgiving. The actor’s star was already fading thanks to appearing in a string of critical and commercial disappointments, and coming out on the losing end of his recent libel trial has reportedly tainted his reputation even further.

Depp’s only got biographical drama Minamata in the can and awaiting release, but an eight-figure payday for shooting one scene as Fantastic Beasts 3‘s Grindelwald should at least tide him over for a while. That being said, the 57 year-old could be set to incur even more legal costs should he appeal the verdict of his libel case, as another courtroom battle opposite ex-wife Amber Heard looms.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Depp is willing to return to where it all began, though, and is open to the idea of making a cameo appearance in the next Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Wes Craven’s 1984 horror classic marked his feature film debut, and Glen Lantz’s incredibly bloody death scene is still one of the most memorable in the franchise’s history.

“Depp wants to come back to new Elm Street in a cameo and the studio, WB, may allow him that because it’s a cameo,” says Richtman.

While further details are unclear at the moment, we know that the rights to the series are currently back in the hands of Craven’s estate, and they’re said to be actively shopping a new project around town. Depp isn’t above revisiting his very earliest roles having already made a surprise cameo in 21 Jump Street, but it remains to be seen how Glen could factor back into the Nightmare on Elm Street mythology having been killed as a teenager over 35 years ago. Then again, we suppose it’s possible that the actor may be planning to show up as an entirely new character instead.