Johnny Depp Reportedly Eyeing Lower Budget Projects Now For Work


It’s not exactly news that Johnny Depp is currently in a tough spot owing to the latest developments in his lawsuits against former wife Amber Heard. Though in addition to Warner Bros. dropping him from the Fantastic Beasts film series and Disney refusing to ask him back for the next installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it seems the actor is also having a hard time finding work, with the latest report suggesting that he’s resorting to lower budget projects to get by for the time being.

Currently, the star’s libel case has been dismissed by the court. So, despite a huge fanbase expressing their support on the internet and unceasingly campaigning to turn the tide, Depp currently has no choice but to wait for the result of his motion to appeal the verdict. Fortunately for him, his legal team will present yet more incriminating evidence against Heard quite soon, something that’ll apparently prove she lied in her testimonies in court. And if the actor’s attorneys indeed manage to prove that the Aquaman star committed perjury, she might even face conviction.

In addition to these efforts to overturn the result, though, it appears that Depp was also actively trying to land more high profile roles, seemingly to no avail. As such, insider Daniel Richtman reports that the thespian is now looking to snag smaller gigs since he lost a lot of money in his legal battle, and may end up losing more still.

There’s no telling who’ll come out of this messy feud as the victor, but Johnny Depp seems positive about the prospects of his case, reportedly asking studios to keep watching his trials. Besides, we’ve learned from other reports that producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who’s worked on all five Pirates films, is still fighting to get Captain Jack Sparrow back. So, with a much-needed victory in court, things will hopefully start to look up for the actor.