Johnny Depp Returns As Jack Sparrow For Virtual Children’s Hospital Visit

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney seems to be moving ahead with the Pirates of the Caribbean saga without him, but Johnny Depp is still playing Captain Jack Sparrow for charitable causes. The actor recently donned the rock star pirate’s garb again for a virtual chat with some young patients at Australia’s Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Depp’s whole meeting with the surprised kids was shared by Juiced TV via the link below and features the actor – in full Jack Sparrow get-up, not to mention being situated in a very piratical room – entertaining the children in character. “Jack” fails to understand how a webcam works, for example, and has a hilarious answer when he’s asked what animal he would be. “A ferret,” replies Depp in Jack’s unique voice. “I have been told a ferret can hit the wall at maximum speed and bounce off with nothing but a smile.”

At the end of the video, Depp speaks as himself and thanks the workers of the Queensland Children’s Hospital for their tireless efforts and the chance to portray Sparrow again. He refers to his chat with the “three beautiful young patients” Gabby, Asha and Thomas as “one of the finest and most beautiful experiences that I’ve ever experienced… And that is because of all of your commitment to this project and to also just taking care of one another, to helping out when times are curious and confusing.” He then concludes: “I thank you all for allowing me to have this time with you – either as Johnny or as Captain Jack.”

Just this past week, we got word that a second Pirates reboot is in the works starring and produced by Margot Robbie. This is separate from the other female-led film in the franchise that’s also in development, which Karen Gillan is rumored to be attached to. Johnny Depp fans are up in arms that we might not get any more of Captain Jack in the movies, but at least he’s keeping the role alive in special ways like this.