Johnny Knoxville sends love to LGBTQ+ fans for Jackass Forever reception

Jackass Forever continues its strong box office returns and critical reviews, and star Johnny Knoxville has shared his appreciation for the queer community following a viral tweet.

Johnny Knoxville shared to his Instagram story on Thursday a fan tweet expressing how many LGBTQ+ people seem to be loving Jackass Forever, and that has since sparked discussion on how some things never change.

Another user brought up a famous interview Knoxville did with Variety in which he was “offended” that the interviewer only thought the Jackass series was a “smidge” gay.

“We’re over here sitting on rainbows and you say a smidge,” Knoxville responded in the interview.

Knoxville is thoroughly enjoying his return to the spotlight, with the fifth film instalment in the franchise currently sitting on 87% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and a 93% approval rating from the audience.

On a budget of $10 million, the film has already grossed $33 million. The box office successes will come as good news to MTV and Paramount, who greenlit Jackass 4.5 last June.