Joker Confirmed To Be Making A Major Change To The Villain’s Origin


The latest trailer for Todd Phillips’ hugely-anticipated Joker arrived a couple of days ago, with the preview really hammering home what we’ve been hearing for months now: that this is far from your typical comic book movie. Instead, Phillips and his team look to deliver an intimate, character-driven study of the titular villain that’s free from the usual tropes of the genre, with everything we’ve seen of it so far giving off vibes much more reminiscent of Scorsese than Suicide Squad.

However, with Joker intent on doing its own thing and not sticking to the established rules of the genre, it’s bound to ruffle a few feathers and already, we know that it’ll be making at least one major change to the Clown Prince of Crime’s origins. And that’s that unlike in the comics, he won’t be falling into any vats of acid.

Speaking to the press recently, Phillips confirmed that the movie will be changing things up a bit and told us not to expect to see the villain head down the route he did in the source material when it comes to turning into the Joker.

“He doesn’t fall into a vat of acid and come out laughing,” the director said. “That’s a comic book thing.”

Of course, it’s not only the vat of acid that won’t be seen in the movie, as the entire film will present a very different origin story for Mr. J, with many of the events in the pic being completely original. As we said above, that might not sit well with everyone, but we’re definitely curious to see what Phillips has come up with.

After all, it sounds like WB has a big hit on their hands with Joker. Thanks to leading man Joaquin Phoenix, who’s apparently given the best performance of his career, the film is already receiving some Oscar buzz. And whether that translates into box office receipts or not still remains to be seen, we have a feeling that the majority of people will really dig this sure to be fresh and exciting spin on the genre.