DC Exec Says Joker Doesn’t Contradict The Character’s Comic History


In the midst of all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Joker, there’s a large segment of fans that are worried that the movie’s going to contradict the character’s comic book history. DC executive Jim Lee recently took to Instagram to assure them that this isn’t the case, though, saying:

“Director Todd Phillip’s @jokermovie is intense, raw and soulful. He’s talked about how his take on the Joker is not beholden to the character’s comic book roots. That said, there’s absolutely nothing in this film incongruous with our understanding of who the Joker is.

If anything, Joaquin Phoenix’s mesmerizing and unsettling turn as the Joker gives us a deep and fully realized look into one of our favorite villains, and I’m sure elements will be embraced going forward in our ongoing, ever evolving mythology. That’s what powerful, compelling stories do. And without a doubt—long time DC fans will be spending a lot of time unpacking the many story revelations and questions this harrowing cautionary tale raises.”

These comments come after a growing fear that those associated with the film don’t care at all about the villain’s origins. In fact, one particularly thorny actor can’t seem to stop insulting those who love comic book movies.

These purists don’t want their beloved bad guy to be sullied by those who don’t care about his decades-long history. Even though the majority of the public is beyond pumped for the film, those who’ve been obsessed with the Clown Prince forever fear that ignorant filmmakers and actors are going to ruin the bad guy by completely rewriting him.

There’s no doubt that this project is going to feature a Joker that fans aren’t accustomed to, but that’s normal. Every interpretation of the character has been different than the last. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal is nothing at all like Heath Ledger’s, yet they’re both phenomenal. Joaquin Phoenix’s take, meanwhile, could be even better than both or could somehow be worse than Jared Leto’s. It sounds like his performance is going to be an all-timer, but even a complete train wreck onscreen is nothing for fans to lose sleep over.

Director Todd Phillips himself has said that he knows this movie won’t be the last revolving around the Joker. As such, those who hate the flick can always just look forward to the next one. In the meantime, those already aggravated zealots should try to enjoy the movie as best they can with an open mind. Then, if they still think it’s garbage, they can voice their opinions online as they always do.