The Joker Movie Said To Be Heartbreaking And A Tragedy


Based on all we’ve seen coming from the set of the Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, you’d think we know quite a lot about it. After all, various photos snapped by paparazzi found their way to the internet while principal photography was occurring. And as could be expected for anything involving the Clown Prince of Crime, everyone and their mother kept a close eye on what was going on.

Undoubtedly knowing this, it’s being said that Todd Phillips and company allowed for specific things to leak from the set in order to throw us all off. Granted, we knew the director was never going for the “feel-good hit of the year” vibe, but I suppose it’s possible to assume something entirely different when viewing certain material out of context.

Keeping with that idea of misdirection, Revenge of the Fans is the latest outlet to provide reassurance of how Joker will be unlike anything else in the comic book movie genre. In fact, this novel examination of the Ace of Knaves is said to be described internally as “heartbreaking,” “pitiful,” and “a tragedy.” In other words, I think Phillips wants us to feel for the character, yet not want to become him.

Furthermore, the flick supposedly contains its share of political commentary, specifically on what’s going down now that Donald Trump is in the White House. Perhaps it’s mayoral candidate Thomas Wayne who’ll be used as his analog, though we can’t be too sure of that until opening weekend. Still, comparisons to V For Vendetta are being made.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there’ll be more ties to the source material than previously thought. Now, I’m not sure if we’ll be taking a trip to ACE Chemicals, but there’s certainly plenty of room for the filmmakers to channel books like, say, The Killing Joke. Again, there’s misdirection at play.

Suffice it to say, all will be revealed once Joker opens in theaters on October 4th.