New Joker Set Photo Reveals First Look At Thomas Wayne


While Joaquin Phoenix seems to have the people on his side in the upcoming Joker, Brett Cullen has attracted the scorn of the mob in his role as Thomas Wayne.

So perhaps it’s not too surprising that this wealthy figure hasn’t been seen much in public, but a new set photo from Just Jared gives us a rare glimpse of the father of Bruce Wayne wandering through Gotham City in an expensive-looking suit. You check out the image here, along with some more pics of Phoenix doing his thing.

While few official details have been released on the character, the current speculation is Thomas is a man with political ambitions that the Clown Prince of Crime threatens to disrupt.

Previous images from the set of the Todd Phillips-helmed film have shown crowds of protesters in clown masks, holding politically charged slogans like “Clown4Mayor” and “Kill the Rich.” But if Arthur Fleck’s rebellious and mischievous ways make him an unlikely hero to the underprivileged, the “Blame Wayne” sign we saw in one photo makes it clear that Thomas is regarded as the enemy. Given everything we know about the Joker, however, chances are that neither side has the interests of the people at heart.

We’ve already seen a fair number of pics and clips from one particular sequence that sees Arthur stirring up trouble on the subway and getting a mob to turn against a man that fans have identified as Cullen. What’s more, it’s apparent that Phoenix’s character is loving the attention, with another video showing the failed comedian gleefully bowing to his audience. But based on some potentially spoiler-heavy recent photos, things may not end so well for this anarchic anti-hero.

We’ll see what chaos results from this public clash between Thomas and the clown when Joker hits theaters on October 4th, 2019.

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