Joaquin Phoenix Entertains An Audience In New Joker Set Video


In these last few weeks, we’ve been getting a generous array of footage and photos from the set of the upcoming Joker movie, so it’s a good thing that Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the title character isn’t shy in front of an audience.

What’s more, the crowd seems pretty fond of Arthur Fleck, too, with this latest set video showing a mass of people loudly cheering on the future Clown Prince of Crime as he theatrically bows to his spectators. Also of note in this short clip is the clown sign held by a member of the audience, suggesting that Arthur may have already built up quite the public profile by this point.

Indeed, just as so much of the filming for next year’s release is taking place out in the open for any passer-by to see, it looks like much of the movie’s conflict could be unfolding in the public eye. Set pics released last week saw a fully made-up Joker receive the cheers of a subway mob, who seemed to be saving their anger for the wealthy Thomas Wayne. In those images, too, the crowd is seen bearing various clown-related props, serving as further evidence that Arthur will be developing a sizeable fanbase of sorts.

Of course, you can expect that things won’t always go so swimmingly for this up-and-coming villain, with another set photo showing Arthur breaking down crying in a phone booth while dressed in a less Joker-esque clown costume. With Martin Scorsese serving as executive producer, don’t be surprised if this movie tells a story of the rise-and-fall variety.

In any case, we’ll see if the general public loves Joker as much as the people of Gotham City seem to when the film hits theaters on October 4th, 2019.

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