Joker Origin Film Casts Alec Baldwin As Thomas Wayne


Aside from already landing Joaquin Phoenix as the would be Clown Prince of Crime himself, one could say that the upcoming Joker origin movie just pulled off yet another casting coup.

Having previously enlisted Hollywood royalty such as Robert De Niro, director Todd Phillips and company are showing they aren’t messing around when it comes to acquiring top talent, as none other than Alec Baldwin has been hired to play Thomas Wayne. And now that the veteran actor can add playing the Dark Knight’s daddy to his impressive resume, it’s probably safe to say that fan art imagining him as Flashpoint Batman isn’t far behind.

Beyond that, nothing is specific when it comes to the elder Wayne’s involvement in the picture, but this news does validate rumors that circulated last month. Though if we’re to learn anything from this, the story likely unfolds before Thomas and Martha are gunned down in Crime Alley. As such, Bruce’s voice probably isn’t anywhere deep enough to frighten the superstitious and cowardly.

What’s more is that Deadline’s report also corroborates a claim made by The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez saying that production will soon get underway. In fact, the outlet specifies a September 10th start date, so expect more news to pour in before long.

Something I can’t help bringing up is how Alec’s brother, William Baldwin, has previously voiced the Batman himself in the phenomenal animated movie that was Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths back in 2010. I guess the two siblings have something to discuss at the next family get together now that they’ve played father and son across different forms of media.

Joker, meanwhile, opens in theaters on October 4th, 2019.