Joker Sequel Will Reportedly Feature Multiple Jokers


Joker sequel hasn’t officially been announced, but it’s got to be a foregone conclusion that it’s on the way, given the monumental success of the original on any front you care to mention. It’s hard to guess what will happen in the follow-up, though, as director Todd Phillips steered his version of the Clown Prince of Crime’s story in a direction that’s totally different from the comics. And sure enough, new info now teases how the lid could be completely blown off the Jokerverse in the sequel.

Insider Daniel Richtman claims in the latest update on his Patreon page that Joker 2 will feature multiple Jokers. Following on from the folks of Gotham City rising up into a violent riot that swept the streets – killing Thomas and Martha Wayne in the process – in the first film, Richtman says that the next movie will see various wannabe Jokers popping up who are inspired by Fleck.

According to his intel, Warner Bros. is currently looking for a new Mr. J and at the moment, they’re deciding whether this one should be older or younger. If they go with older, Jim Carrey is apparently one option they’re considering (which WGTC told you a few weeks ago). Interestingly, though, the insider says that this new Joker could be for Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe instead. Either way, though, the “multiple Jokers” plotline for Phillips’ sequel seems to be set in stone.

As you may recall, following the release of the movie last fall, the director encouraged the idea that Fleck might not actually be the real Joker who goes on to become Batman’s nemesis. As such, it would make sense for him to confuse the matter even more in the next one by introducing other versions of the villain, one of whom could be the actual archenemy of the Dark Knight.

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