Jon Bernthal, Joel Edgerton And Joe Manganiello Rumored For Suicide Squad

Jon Bernthal

David Ayer’s mega-villain comic book caper, Suicide Squad, just won’t stay out of the headlines. Today’s latest dollop of DC-related rumor comes from Cinema Blend, whose sources indicate that The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal and Exodus: Gods And Kings‘ Joel Edgerton are both serious contenders for the role of Rick Flag. A key player in the Squad – a leader of sorts – Flag was originally set to be played by Tom Hardy, who dropped out last week after learning his part was much smaller than anticipated.

Since Hardy’s exit, Jake Gyllenhaal’s name was briefly linked to the role until he also passed due to scheduling conflicts. So, does this mean that Bernthal and Edgerton are the next best men for the job? Jumping back to last year, the former’s name appeared on one of many rumor reports connected to the film. That could have been mere connecting-the-dots, as Bernthal recently starred in Ayer’s tank actioner, Fury. Or, it could be that Ayer is keen to include the actor in his forthcoming project. While Edgerton hasn’t collaborated with the Suicide Squad helmer, he’s committed to several solid performances over the years. He’s not quite reached leading man status as yet, but this could be the big break he rightly deserves.

Unable to verify either name, the site went on to clarify another recent rumor; Gary Sinise’s involvement. That possibility, which broke earlier today, would see the CSI: NY actor in the squad as General Eiling. Now, Cinema Blend say their sources claim this is inaccurate, and that while he has bagged a role – it’s not Eiling. Or Deathstroke, for that matter, who is most likely going to be portrayed by original Spider-Man trilogy star, Joe Manganiello. Again, with both sets of rumors, we suggest leaning on the side of caution by not taking them as gospel. Still, it’s food for thought, so who would you like to see in the squad?

Production on Suicide Squad is gearing up to commence soon with its release date set for August 5th, 2016, so we should have confirmed casting shortly.