Jon Bernthal says he’d only return as the Punisher if it was done right

the punisher

If we were to take the speculation at face value, then we’d be expecting Jon Bernthal’s Punisher to make his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe any day now, such is the sheer volume of hearsay linking the actor with a comeback as Frank Castle.

We’ve heard dozens upon dozens of rumors claiming that he’s either in talks or signed for any number of cameo appearances, solo movies, or TV shows that are coming to theaters, Disney Plus, or Hulu. Still, as far as we know, the actor remains unattached to future projects in the comic book franchise in any official capacity.

Given that Bernthal has churned out five movies since the beginning of 2021, he’s been facing a ton of Punisher questions every time he hits the press circuit, which has been often. Speaking to The Playlist’s Fourth Wall Podcast, he once again broached the issues and hit a few talking points we’ve become accustomed to hearing.

“The character’s very much of my bones. That said, I also know how important this character is to so many people. I just don’t want to see the character being handled in a light way. I would only want to be a part of it if it was done the right way. He’s an extraordinarily dark character that is not looking to escape that darkness. I think that’s a really difficult road to go down these days. I would love to do it if we could do it right. It’s not it’s just not about doing it, it’s about doing it right.”

He clearly holds the part very close to his heart. He’s not the kind of guy that would chase the money above all else, so when Bernthal says he won’t throw on the skull insignia to lay waste to New York City’s seedy underbelly unless it properly does justice to who and what the Punisher is, then you’d best believe him.