Jon Bernthal Rumored To Return For R-Rated Punisher Series

The Punisher

Both Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal can’t go anywhere these days without being asked about a potential return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or re-debut depending on whether you agree with Kevin Feige’s decision to wipe the canonical slate clean when he ascended to the role of Chief Creative Officer.

During that time, we’ve been bombarded with a constant sampling of scuttlebutt touting the various Netflix residents for the main MCU timeline, and it isn’t going to stop until we see them in the flesh. A new rumor from Small Screen offers that not only is Bernthal set to return as the Punisher in a hard R-rated streaming series, but the project already has a script, and he could cameo as soon as next year’s Moon Knight to set it up.

Now, fans would love to see the actor return as Frank Castle, and he’s hardly been shy in admitting that he shares that sentiment. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that he’s in talks, nor is it anywhere close to the first uncorroborated report touting that the street-level vigilante will retain his violent ways in an episodic project, or even the first time Moon Knight has been named as a potential destination.

Given the sheer number of times we’ve heard almost identical claims dating back years, it’s best not to take this one as gospel until we get confirmation from either Bernthal or Marvel that we can legitimately started getting hyped about the Punisher‘s impending comeback, especially when you can bet your bottom dollar on even more speculation making the rounds as the MCU’s Phase Four continues to expand the multiverse and introduce new heroes.