Jon Favreau To Consult With Shane Black On Iron Man 3

We’ve known for a while that Jon Favreau, who helmed the first two Iron Man films for Marvel, will not return for a third instalment. Many speculated that this was due to fall outs with the studio. Not keen to let go of their very successful superhero franchise, exec Kevin Feige found Shane Black, the writer/director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, to helm Iron Man 3. However, despite Favreau being declared out of the picture, he may have some involvement with the film.

At a recent Hero Complex convention, Favreau was in attendance to talk about Iron Man along with a surprise attendee, Tony Stark himself: Robert Downey Jr. In the talk they discussed something very interesting, Black is apparently keen to consult with Favreau on the film. /Film got this quote from Downey Jr:

Shane, as he’s getting into the process [to direct Iron Man 3] and getting his sea legs and stuff, he goes, ‘When can we talk to Jon?’ So there’s going to be this kind of conglomerate of efforts.

Favreau seemed to support this claim:

I love the franchise and I’m a big fan of Shane’s as well so hopefully I can be helpful because I want to see this thing grow and transform.

So despite the rumoured fist fights with Marvel, Favreau still has some love for the character and wants to be involved in some capacity. And why not? After all, he got the ball rolling on all this and made the first two films into some very entertaining pieces of cinema.

I’m looking forward to Iron Man 3 and hopefully Shane Black can breathe a new life into the franchise as well as providing the same thrills that the first two films gave us.

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