Jonah Hill Invades Leonardo DiCaprio’s Personal Space In Clip From The Wolf Of Wall Street


If you’re the sort of person who has enjoyed Jonah Hill’s acting but always felt like maybe he wasn’t quite goofy-looking enough, The Wolf of Wall Street just might be the movie for you. A new clip from the film features Hill in all his awkward, goofy glory as Donnie Azoff, a man who falls under the spell of stock broker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) after learning that he makes a hell of a lot of money.

Just a little manners tip for the socially awkward: don’t walk up to a stranger in a restaurant and ask him how much money he makes. That’s way rude, man.

In Azoff’s case, though, it leads to him working with Belfort to make millions of dollars by defrauding investors. That makes The Wolf of Wall Street a little bit different than all the previous films about Wall Street, which have invariably been about how honest, ethical, and humble stock brokers are. Kudos to director Martin Scorsese for going out on a limb and really taking things in a different direction.

Scorsese’s original cut of the film was over four hours long, which would have made it the longest movie this year in wide release that is not basically just an excuse for Lars Von Trier to be a giant pervert. It has since been edited down to a svelte two hours and fifty nine minutes, which will be much easier to sit through without having to take a bathroom break but will also result in the film missing some content that originally qualified it for an NC-17 rating. Bummer.

The Wolf of Wall Street will hit theaters on Christmas day, and really, what better way to spend Christmas than to spend three hours in a theater watching a movie about rampant capitalistic greed? In the meantime, whet your appetite for seeing Jonah Hill in loud shirts and fake teeth by watching the clip below.