Lars Von Trier’s 5 Hour Cut Of Nymphomaniac Will Arrive In 2014

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Will he or won’t he? That seems to be the question surrounding Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, or more specifically, the 5 hour, uncut version of the film. Hitting theatres next month in Denmark and Norway will be a shortened version of the sex epic, which will run for 4 hours and play in two parts. It was assumed that we wouldn’t see the director’s cut until the film hit Blu-Ray/DVD but apparently, that’s not the case as Von Trier plans to release his version of the film as well, although not until next year.

Producer Louise Vesth recently spoke with Screen Daily and provided a few more details about the film’s release, confirming that the decision to distribute the soft cut first was to ensure that the “broader public” could see Nymphomaniac.

“This was the way to even make the film at all. If we only had one version he would have had to make more compromises and distributors all over the world would have had to censor it themselves because of various censorship practices,” Vesth said. “It’s a way for the broader public to be able to see the film. Both versions are suitable for the public, but of course when you go very explicit you will squeeze the possibilities of distribution.”

Vesth then noted that the cut version is still quite explicit and will likely earn an NC-17 in the US, which doesn’t surprise us. He also said that they have plans to distribute the uncut, 5 and a half hour version as well, though not until next year.

“We decided the short version would go into distribution first so we can send the same film out to the whole world and then, after that, we will prepare the long version for distribution,” Vesth stated. “We don’t know how and where that one will be distributed. It will be later in 2014.”

So there you have it. Somehow and somewhere in 2014 you will be able to watch Nymphomaniac in all its uncut glory. Excited?