Nymphomaniac Will Arrive In A Four Hour Cut Next Month


Lars Von Trier’s super controversial Nymphomaniac is getting ready to hit theatres in Norway and Denmark next month and to make the film a bit more “commercially viable,” the producers have decided to cut one hour out of the film, leaving the runtime at four hours (split into two parts). Furthermore, Von Trier has had no part in putting together the edited version. In fact, he hasn’t even seen it yet. However, he did approve the release as he understands that the film’s investors would like to make back their money. That’s understandable, right?

Those hoping to see the full, un-edited, hardcore version will likely have to head to the Cannes Film Festival, where Von Trier will reportedly premiere Nymphomaniac in all its uncut glory. As for those of us in North America, well, we’ll have to wait and see which version we get but I would imagine that it will be a heavily edited one. There is no way that the powers that be are going to allow audiences on this side of the ocean to see Von Trier’s five hour hardcore version.

Be it the edited or un-edited version, Nymphomaniac is going to create a storm of controversy when it releases. From the all the promotional material that we’ve seen from the film, we know that it’s not holding back on anything and it looks to be one of the more sexually explicit mainstream efforts that we’ve seen in some time. Now matter how the film turns out, it’s definitely going to be very interesting to see how it is received by critics and audiences once it finally hits theatres.

Tell us, what do you think of Von Trier’s latest project? Is all the controversy surrounding Nymphomaniac making you more eager to see it?