Jonathan Frakes Reveals If Data And Borg Queen Had Sex In Star Trek: First Contact

Data Star Trek

IGN recently hosted a watchalong party of Star Trek: First Contact, with actor/director Jonathan Frakes on hand to answer fans’ questions for the duration of the movie by way of a live Q&A. One of the most interesting revelations to come from the chat was Frakes’ clarification of a long-held fan debate: did Data and the Borg Queen do it?

In the movie, Data is kidnapped by the Borg Queen who attempts to win him over to her side. She reactivates his emotional chip and grafts human skin onto his face, with the aim to make him feel a range of emotions – from pain to pleasure. At one point, she seduces him, with the android explaining that he’s “fully-functional” and “programmed with multiple techniques.” The last we see of them they’re locked in a passionate embrace. But did things go further?

According to Frakes, you bet they did. When asked if it would be safe to assume the pair had sex off-screen, the filmmaker said “I would,” before asserting in clear terms that “yes,” they did the deed. So, there you have it, 24 years later we’ve finally got this question answered.

Other things we learned from the live Q&A include Frakes’ explanation of the origins of his classic “Riker sit,” which is something he does in real-life as well. What’s more, he also opened up about his regret that he was never offered the opportunity to direct Nemesis, the final movie to star The Next Generation crew, after he followed First Contact up with 1998’s Insurrection.

It’s a shame that didn’t happen, but at least he’s still helming new Star Trek these days. In fact, he’ll be back for Discovery season 3 and Picard season 2. And in the case of the latter, he may well appear in front of the camera again as well.