Jordan Peele teases an “otherworldly confrontation” in ‘Nope’

Daniel Kaluuya Nope

Jordan Peele has left us in the dark for so long concerning his next horror film, Nope. Following Get Out and Us, there’s really no telling what the Oscar-winning filmmaker has in store for viewers, except for a “bad miracle”, a floating horse, and Keke Palmer freaking out at the sight of something in the sky. 

While we don’t have any answers as of yet, Peele has revealed to Empire that we can expect an “otherworldly confrontation”, which can safely back up the ongoing rumors of extraterrestrial forces in the upcoming film.

As well as revealing that he wrote the role of James Haywood with fellow Oscar winner and Get Out collaborator Kaluuya in mind, a brand new image from Nope was also unveiled, and you can check it out below.

“I wrote NOPE with Daniel in mind for the role – a humble man destined for an epic and otherworldly confrontation. Daniel’s craft is on a different level, but it’s his warmth that grounds audiences even during points of absolute madness. You may be watching a nightmare, but when he’s on screen, at least you’ve got your brother with you, and that’s all you need.”

Kaluuya and Peele previously teamed up for the latter’s feature debut, which became an instant horror classic, one that ended up scoring critical and commercial success before nabbing Peele the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Nope stars Kaluuya and Palmer as ranch owners James and Jill Haywood, who live in an isolated town and witness abnormal events. Steve Yeun rounds out the main cast of the film, while Michael Wincott, Barbie Ferreira and Brandon Perea have been cast in supporting roles. The film is scheduled to release on July 22, and it’s destined to be another big hit for Peele.