Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remembers Co-Stars From The Dark Knight Rises In Throwback Photo


In some parallel universe, Warner Bros. decided to carry on Christopher Nolan’s vision of Gotham City after The Dark Knight Rises concluded.

As you may remember, Bruce Wayne faked his death and passed the legacy of the Batman on to Robin John Blake. Of course, there was word on the street that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was being looked at for the next Caped Crusader at the time, but considering that the studio was all for a team-up with Superman, it’s for the best that the World’s Finest’s first meeting in live action involved Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, not the latter’s successor – who was created for an isolated trilogy.

Still, I find it hard to forget how many mock-ups of Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing were surfacing up until the time Ben Affleck was cast as the new Masked Manhunter in the summer of 2013. Actually, some still hold onto this sentiment, with a fan-made trailer for such a thing recently having been produced.

But sometimes we just have to face reality and accept that the character of Blake will likely forever remain Nolan’s unique take on the Boy Wonder and one of the auteur’s contributions to the enduring mythos. So, as we reluctantly embrace that, it’s quite pleasing to see what’s popped up today.

Much like the legacies that we speak of, Throwback Thursday forever endures, this time with Gordon-Levitt himself sharing a photo from an old shoot promoting The Dark Knight Rises. In it, he can be seen with co-stars Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Hardy (Bane).

It’s cool stuff to be sure, but our nostalgia would’ve grown even fonder had Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle) also been included. Still, it’s a great pic of the three actors and only has us that much more excited to sit down and watch the film in Ultra HD again, which we can now do thanks to the recent 4K release.