Josh Brolin Filmed Scenes With Brie Larson On Avengers 4


Alongside all the familiar faces that will be teaming up in Avengers: Infinity War, fans have long suspected that another hero will be making their debut in the movie as well. Namely, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, who’s officially set to debut in the MCU in next March’s standalone flick. But could she appear in a cheeky cameo in Infinity War beforehand?

Possibly, and Josh Brolin has now added fuel to the fire by casually name-dropping the actress in an otherwise spoiler-free comment. The actor was talking about the strange experience it was bringing Thanos the Mad Titan to life with motion capture, explaining that he felt like an idiot having to lord it over his co-stars while wearing pajamas. And amongst the other actors he listed, Larson’s name can be found.

“I thought, ‘What the [frick] am I doing here?’ Because you’re in a onesie, man. You’ve got to walk around in a onesie and imagine yourself as an actor with some impact. It starts messing with your head. I’m Josh, who’s got dots on him, and a onesie, and a helmet can, and I’ve got Scarlett right there, and I’ve got Brie, and Don Cheadle, and Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, and Downey…I’m sitting there and I’m looking like I look, which is not 700lb and purple and eight feet tall. I mean, I’m feeling about as far from Jason Statham as one can feel at that moment, and yet I’m acting like I feel 10 times what Jason Statham is. I’m the man!”

So, does this mean that Captain Marvel is in Infinity War, after all? Well, not necessarily. Reports have claimed that, yes, Larson did originally film footage for the movie, but it was ultimately cut as Marvel’s higher-ups rethought the best way to introduce characters to the audience. That being said, we’re 100% certain that she’ll appear in Avengers 4 instead.

As such, either Brolin’s referring to those cut Infinity War scenes or, probably more likely, his experience on the upcoming sequel. Going by his description, it sounds like we can expect Carol Danvers to stand alongside the rest of the heroes as they take on Thanos and continue the fight in the currently untitled Avengers 4.

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