Josh Brolin Levels On His Insane Workout For Deadpool 2


2018 presented Josh Brolin with two very different comic book movie roles.

The first was a CG-enhanced mercenary from the future (more on that later), while Avengers: Infinity War had Brolin slip into the mo-cap suit in order to bring Thanos to the big screen like never before. It worked like a charm, too, as viewers picked up on every little nuance and emotional beat that flashed across the Mad Titan’s face.

But if Infinity War was all about finding the emotion within Thanos, Deadpool 2 forced Josh Brolin to bring a sense of brute physical strength to the role of Cable (AKA Nathan Summers), the futuristic freedom fighter who returns to our timeline in search of Russell Collins, the fire-wielding mutant responsible for killing his family.

He beat out a number of big-name actors for the coveted gig – namely Brad Pitt and Stephen Lang – though Brolin was more concerned with getting in the shape of his life to deliver a faithful rendition of Cable.

As a matter of fact, Josh Brolin tells Men’s Health (h/t Heroic Hollywood) that he honored a very strict dietary regime, while also spending long hours in the gym to get in superhero shape so that, even at 50 years young, he’d still look the part as Nathan Summers.

Doing so also meant swearing off sugar, breads, pastas… what’s left?!

Totally clean: no sugar, no breads, no pastas, no drugs, none of it. Fish, rice, eggs, veggies, water, one [bullet proof coffee] in the morning. It’s a different time: our access along with some big picture discipline results in always surprising milestones.

Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut is available across Blu-ray and all the usual platforms today, August 21st, so order up the chimichangas and prepare for another bout of R-rated madness.