Josh Brolin Explains Why Thanos Has His Armor In Avengers: Endgame


To coincide with the first Avengers: Endgame tickets going on sale, Marvel released a 1-minute trailer that gives us our first proper look at Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel. As you’ve likely seen, the Mad Titan is now dressed head to toe in armor, and according to Josh Brolin, there’s a specific reason for that.

While sharing the new trailer via Instagram, the Oscar-nominated actor issued the following warning to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes:

“Just because you look serious, doesn’t mean I have to take you seriously. I’ll put on my armor anyway, just to make you feel that all the effort wasn’t for nothing. #teamthanos”

Incidentally, Thanos’ new outfit has already been the subject of a fair amount of speculation. To elaborate, in last year’s Infinity War, the character chose to ditch the armor because he felt that his Infinity Gauntlet offered all the protection he needed. You therefore have to wonder why he’s suddenly decided to take precautions. Various merchandise has even shown Thanos carrying a giant sword, which seems awfully redundant if you can already kill anyone in the universe with the mere snap of your fingers.

The most popular theory for Thanos’ armor and new weapon is that the gauntlet is no longer working at full capacity, perhaps suffering damage as a result of the Infinity War snap. The latest trailer even seems to support this claim when it shows the villain beaming into a location in a blue light, rather than the usual red light that was seen when he used the Space Stone to teleport.

That’s still just speculation for the time being, but we’ll find out the real reason for Thanos’ new look when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Instagram

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