New Dune Photo Features Fresh Look At Josh Brolin And Timothee Chalamet


Believe it or not, one day we’ll be able to go to the movies again and currently scheduled for release in December, sci-fi epic Dune is one of the most tantalizing features on the immediate horizon. The Denis Villeneuve-directed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s cult novel has already had its first introduction to the public, with an array of photos released a few weeks back.

Today though, Warner Bros. have brought us another new image (via Empire), this one featuring stars Timothee Chalamet and Josh Brolin helping each other out on the desert planet Arrakis. And you can check it out for yourself in the gallery down below.

Unfortunately, it looks like this summer is a bust as far as film releases go. True, Warner Bros. are still holding onto a July slot for another sci-fi epic, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, but that looks increasingly optimistic. In fact, things will have really gone awry in the search for an effective coronavirus treatment if the studio are unable to release anything as far-off as Dune in December. What are we supposed to do if that happens? I’m already running out of home activities to distract myself with. Consider this a plea to the scientists of the world: please save Dune from postponement. I don’t know how many more months locked in I can take.

Right, mental breakdown averted. As an optimist, I’m sticking with the vision of being sat in the cinema this December, overpriced popcorn in hand, settling in for 150 minutes of sci-fi gold. Sounds splendid. For now, though, drink in the views afforded by Warner’s increasingly large bank of Dune photos and remember there’s just over 7 months till we can see the whole thing. Also, if you’ve got any thoughts on this new look at Chalamet and Brolin, leave them below. I’m suitably hyped for this one.