Josh Gad Continues To Tease Penguin Role In The Batman


Though The Batman is still a long ways away from entering production, the rumor mill continues to churn on. At the moment, the script is undergoing a rewrite and director Matt Reeves is hard at work putting the finishing touches on War for the Planet of the Apes before he moves on to DC’s tentpole, but that hasn’t stopped speculation surrounding which characters might appear in the film from kicking into overdrive.

Earlier this week, actor Josh Gad got everyone talking when he Tweeted a photo of The Penguin, completely out of the blue. While that’s enough to cause suspicion on its own, adding even more fuel to the fire was the fact that key DC figures like Geoff Johns and Jon Berg followed Gad on Twitter. That may not seem like anything worth getting excited about, but we’ve seen both of those men follow people in the past (like Joe Manganiello and Rick Famuyiwa) shortly before they officially joined the DC Extended Universe.

Again, none of this is by any means confirmation that Gad is playing The Penguin. Or even that the character is being brought into the DCEU, for that matter. It is intriguing though, and now, to stir the pot even more, Gad has posted another Tweet. This time, it’s in reply to fan artist Boss Logic, who drew a mock up of what the actor could look like as the famous Batman villain. Apparently, Gad was pleased with the design, as he wrote back the following:

Sure, it’s not much, but it’s helped to continue to fuel the speculation that the actor may be in talks for the role. And if he is, we’d definitely be on board. Gad’s a talented individual, but to date, he’s mostly appeared in lighter and more comedic affairs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but seeing him show up in something more dark and serious like The Batman would be a nice change of pace, and even though Penguin’s currently featured on the small screen on Gotham, we’d more than welcome another take on the villain.

What do you think, though? Is Josh Gad hinting at something here? Or is the actor just having some fun with fans over social media? Let us know in the usual place.