Stunning Fan Art Shows What Josh Gad Could Look Like As The Penguin In The Batman


Even though we’ve got some time ahead of us before cameras start rolling on The Batman, I think we can all agree in saying that it’s been a long, strange journey thus far. One of the hot button topics surrounding the film has been which villain(s) will be utilized, something that’s always an important point of discussion with any superhero flick. It seemed like some of our suspicions were put to bed given that Joe Manganiello had been cast as Deathstroke, but recent developments may have amended that creative decision since new director Matt Reeves may want to completely retool the script.

While I do hope that Slade Wilson appears in the finished product, it’s important that we not forget he usually acts as a hired gun. That said, it’d make more sense if someone in Gotham City is paying him to take down the Dark Knight. Personally, I’ve been saying that the Penguin is one of the best choices to fit that bill and, let’s face it, the character is long overdue for a return to the silver screen, not having been seen since Batman Returns in 1992.

Earlier this week, Josh Gad posted a picture of Oswald Cobblepot on Twitter, effectively causing many to believe he may be in contention for the role, if not simply having an interest in it. Or, we could consider the possibility that he’s decided to take a page out of Armie Hammer’s playbook and is instead deciding to troll social media users.

Regardless of whether Gad will ultimately end up in The Batman, it doesn’t hurt to ponder. In fact, fan artist extraordinaire Boss Logic recently did a mock-up of what the actor could likely like as the iconic villain, which can be seen below. It’s another fantastic piece of work from him and definitely has us hoping that there’s some truth behind Gad’s Tweet.