Armie Hammer Sounds Ready To Cease The Green Lantern Corps Trolling

For some reason, when one person in Hollywood follows another on Twitter, it not only becomes headline news these days, but also causes fan theories to snowball like you wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately, such has become the case with Armie Hammer, whom some believe to be linked to Green Lantern Corps.

Now, it certainly didn’t help matters when Hammer got in on the fun himself, taking part in what kids these days refer to as “trolling,” but, let’s not forget, that he himself has already shot down such rumors.

In fact, Collider recently inquired about all this jazz while the actor was doing press for his upcoming movie, Free Fire, and here’s what he had to say:

“Man, jeez… It was fun for a while and now I’m convinced that everyone’s gonna turn on me so I’m like ‘Oh shit, slowly backing away.’” (laughs)

To me, it sounds like he’s about done with it and ready to move on. Furthermore, he admits that there was never anything tangible to begin with:

“I have nothing to confirm nor deny. The only talk of me being Green Lantern that I have heard in my life has only come from social media.”

Quite frankly, I’d advise fans not to hold their breath when it comes to Hal Jordan casting because, need I remind you, Green Lantern Corps isn’t scheduled to arrive in theaters until 2020. Yes, you may argue that the space cop could show up in Justice League, but that seems pretty doubtful, especially when you consider that if any ringslinger makes a cameo, it may end up being Abin Sur.