Josh Gad Seemingly Laughs Off The Possibility Of Playing Batman Villain The Penguin

While the original plan for the next Batman movie was for the Caped Crusader to square off with Deathstroke, we’re not too sure how much things have changed since Matt Reeves took over from Ben Affleck as director. That’s why Josh Gad Tweeting a picture of The Penguin generated such excitement the other week. After all, the talented Beauty and the Beast actor would be a great fit for the role, and regardless of whether it’s in The Batman or even Gotham City Sirens, comic book fans would definitely like to see him take on the iconic villain.

After much teasing however, Gad seems to be changing his tune now. During a recent Q&A session, someone asked if he’s playing The Penguin, and his response was an emoji of a face with its eyes rolling, as you can see below.

This seems to be an indication that Gad’s laughing off the many reports that have been surfacing recently, or just rolling his eyes at the assumption that he’ll play the villain based off nothing more than a Tweet. After all, it’s feasible that he’s just a fan of The Penguin and that’s why he sent out that original post. Then again, he must have known what sort of response something like that would generate online – so who knows?

Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to believe that Warner Bros. has noticed just how positive the response to Gad’s Tweet has been, and while that’s by no means a confirmation that he’ll be showing up in The Batman as the iconic villain, it definitely puts the actor on the studio’s radar – which can only be a good thing.