Avengers: Infinity War Figure Reveals Groot’s New Weapon


Hot Toys have really been knocking it out of the park with their Avengers: Infinity War line, which they’ve been steadily drip-feeding us as the movie grows ever closer. These toys are of such high quality and so detailed that they’re not only cool collectibles, but also give us a close-up look at the characters as they’ll be appearing in the upcoming pic.

Today’s star is Teenage Groot, and I can’t be-leaf how badass he is. While I’m still reeling from James Gunn’s recent Twitter revelation that Groot straight-up died during his heroic sacrifice at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy and that Baby/Teen Groot is his son – aka an entirely new character – I can’t deny that this new incarnation of the hero is cool as hell. And, judging by the determined expression and mean-lookin’ battle rifle, he’s ready to bring the fight to Thanos’ doorstep.

We actually know quite a bit about his role in Infinity War, too. For example, we’ve been told that Teenage Groot is still learning how to most effectively use his tree-like body as a weapon (hence the gun), and we know that he finds an unexpected mentor in the movie. Given that we also know that Groot provides the handle for Thor’s shiny new Mjolnir replacement, Stormbreaker, the smart money is on the God of Thunder and Groot developing a close bond over the course of the film.

As you can see, the action figure comes complete with two very expressionistic and well-sculpted heads, along with accessories including his battle rifle and the handheld game console we saw him playing in the final scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He’ll also come with a selection of hands and an Infinity War display stand.

We’ll see this incarnation of Groot kicking ass alongside the other Guardians of the Galaxy in just a couple of weeks, when Avengers: Infinity War rockets into cinemas on April 27th.