EW Confirms Thor’s New Avengers: Infinity War Weapon


In the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War – which is now quickly approaching its April 27th release date – there’s been much discussion surrounding Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and understandably so. Given the events of Ragnarok, the God of Thunder has been left without an eye, his cape and, perhaps most important of all, his trusty hammer, Mjolnir.

You can thank Hela Goddess of Death for most of that, but those worried about the fan favorite hero going into the fight against Thanos unarmed need not worry, as we know he’ll be getting a new weapon in time for the big battle. To date, Marvel’s been playing their cards close to their chest when it comes to details on what exactly Thor will wield, but merchandise leaks have told us the God of Thunder will be arming himself with a new hammer/ax hybrid.

And now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s massive blowout earlier today – which detailed everything from Thanos’ masterplan to what lies ahead for Iron Man – we have confirmation that yes, Thor will be getting his hands on Stormbreaker, which is described as a “supersized upgrade” from what he had previously.

“Thor swings a mystical ax known as Stormbreaker, a supersized upgrade from his demolished hammer, Mjolnir,” says EW.

Unfortunately, that’s all Entertainment Weekly would say about the God of Thunder’s new weapon of choice, but we know from previous toy leaks that it’ll be Groot and Rocket Raccoon who help him find the ax, as the three of them are set to spend most of the film together on some kind of galactic quest. They’ll make for a pretty odd trio, to be sure, but we can’t wait to see what kind of fun and laughter they provide later next month.

And yes, that’s next month, after Marvel decided to move Avengers: Infinity War from May 4th to April 27th, ensuring that we all get to see it at the same time now. Isn’t that exciting?