Avengers: Infinity War’s Release Date Bumped Up To April


Sound the klaxon and prepare to redraw any Marvel movie marathon plans: Avengers: Infinity War will release worldwide on Friday, April 27th.

For those in North America, that’s a full week earlier than initially expected, as Joe and Anthony Russo’s mega-movie was previously scheduled to arrive on May 4th – otherwise known as the official start of Hollywood’s blockbuster season. But it appears Marvel Studios wants to get the jump on the competition and, crucially, negate the possibility of spoilers reaching North American audiences ahead of time, as Avengers: Infinity War will now open day and date around the globe. And how exciting is that?

It all started on Twitter, as these things tend to do, where the official Marvel Studios account tweeted out a message saying, “on a scale of one to infinity, how excited are you to see Infinity War on May 4th?” It took Robert Downey Jr. all of two minutes to chime in, asking the Powers That Be if there was any chance he could see it sooner.

Granted, it’s difficult to see this as anything other than a carefully orchestrated PR stunt, as Marvel Studios is a huge conglomerate that likely has to consider all sorts of factors – corporate strategies, stakeholders and all that red tape – before a decision of this magnitude can be made.

Still, excitement for Avengers: Infinity War is through the roof, so news that it’s arriving sooner than expected is, quite simply, music to our ears.

And here’s confirmation of the release date shuffle, courtesy of Twitter:

So, there you have it; Avengers: Infinity War has officially relocated to April 27th for those in North America, which ought to allay any fears of encountering spoilers on the world wide web.

Source: Marvel