Kevin Feige Says There’s Never Been Anything Like Avengers: Infinity War


The 10th anniversary of a wedding is typically celebrated with tin or aluminum; for Marvel Studios, it’ll be celebrated in the most epic way imaginable.

Not that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a marriage, per se, but it’s still a cinematic union between some of the most recognized comic book characters in history. And yes, we are referring to Avengers: Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo’s super-sized ensemble piece that is barrelling down on its May release date.

But with only a two-minute teaser and a Super Bowl promo to its name – so far, at least – Marvel is clearly exercising a lot of restraint when it comes to promoting their biggest blockbuster. Still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t continuing to hype it up and in a special feature found on the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray, super producer Kevin Feige did just that.

Explaining that the film will act as a giant conclusion for the past 18 movies, he said that there’s never been anything like Infinity War – and we’re inclined to believe him:

“With Infinity War, we’re paying off every little thread and every little tease that we’ve had in what will be 18 films prior to Infinity War. There’s never been anything like this. Being able to, film after film, tease at a larger story. Really building these stories up into a giant conclusion. While at the same time introducing an entirely new direction for the future.”

Excited yet? We have every reason to think that Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming blockbuster will be an event movie unlike any other and these recent comments from Feige are only the latest in a long line of various MCU stalwarts promising us the world when it comes to this film.

Black Panther and Thanos

In fact, just recently, Chris Hemsworth said something similar, when he revealed the following:

“This is one of the biggest things in film history and to be a part of it was just incredible. I think what these characters are about to face — with Thanos — there’s been nothing quite like it. There are 76 cast members or something like that. I think what people are going to be excited about is what I was excited about and that’s Thor meeting the Guardians and Iron Man meeting Doctor Strange.

The interactions between all of these characters and the different sorts of chemistry and the relationships that are formed is something that people are going to be pretty blown away by.”

Talk about bringing the hype. We’ll find out what all the fuss is about when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters on May 4th. And with Avengers 4 right around the corner, it’s fair to say that the MCU is about to undergo a radical shake-up.