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Jurassic World 3 Angled As A “Science Thriller” In The Spirit Of Jurassic Park

Though Fallen Kingdom is yet to make release, Colin Trevorrow is already beginning to champion Jurassic World 3 as a science thriller.

Colin Trevorrow, the creative mind behind Jurassic World and erstwhile director of Star Wars: Episode IX, is returning to Universal’s dino franchise for the so-far untitled Jurassic World 3, the third and presumably final installment of the trilogy…so far.

It’s that announcement that placed fans on red alert three weeks ago, when Trevorrow was confirmed at the helm for a threequel that’s now being described as a “science thriller” in the spirit of the original Jurassic Park. Where do we sign up?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in anticipation of Fallen Kingdom (see the new trailer here), Trevorrow revealed more about his ongoing love affair with the franchise, and why he’s forever grateful to Steven Spielberg for offering him the chance to pick up the reins.

But first, here’s how Trevorrow previewed his return to Jurassic World 3:

If I could contextualize each film, I would say Jurassic World was an action adventure, Fallen Kingdom is kind of a horror suspense film, and Jurassic World 3 will be a science thriller in the same way that Jurassic Park was.

And make no mistake, Trevorrow is all-in when it comes to the Jurassic World franchise, after telling EW that there’s still plenty more to come in 2018 and beyond.

Steven Spielberg asked me [to direct], and when he asks you, what can I tell you, man? In all honesty, over my past few years, I’ve grown to love and cherish the value of the gift that I’ve been given with this franchise.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that a CG-laden blockbuster of Jurassic World‘s scope tends to take around two to three years to develop, produce, render and market, so there’s a good chance Trevorrow’s threequel won’t be unleashed until 2021. As such, there’s really no telling what kind of genetically-modified nasties are in store.

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