Jurassic World 3 Director Says It’ll Be A Celebration Of The Entire Franchise


There are three things that are for sure in this life: death, taxes and dinosaurs will always make money at the box office.

When Jurassic Park hit theaters back in 1993, audiences were smitten with the creatures, even if they did end up eating a bunch of people. And when Jurassic World brought the dinos back to our screens in 2015, fans fell in love with the franchise all over again. Well, if you’ve enjoyed the series up to this point, we have some good news for you in regards to the upcoming Jurassic World 3.

Speaking in a recent interview, director Colin Trevorrow explained that the threequel will be a celebration of everything we’ve seen in the franchise up to this point.

“I’m kind of a one movie at a time kind of guy, so my eyes are on this one. And it’s a celebration of everything that has existed in the franchise up until now.”

What exactly he means by that is still a bit unclear, as he didn’t go into further detail, but presumably, we’ll be seeing a lot of callbacks to the older films and maybe even a few unexpected cameos, too.

And though we’re still pretty in the dark in regards to the plot, we’ve been told in the past that the pitch blew Chris Pratt away, and it’ll apparently be something we haven’t seen before in the franchise, while still retaining the “science thriller” aspects that made the first Jurassic Park movie so special.

Clearly, then, this threequel’s shaping up to be something pretty exciting, and we imagine it’ll be another imaginative, thrilling outing in the mega successful series. Although, given that Jurassic World 3 won’t stomp into theaters until June 11th, 2021, it may be quite a while before we get any concrete details on exactly what Trevorrow and his team have cooked up for us.