Jurassic World: Dominion Director Teases Trailer Coming Soon


Despite being the first major Hollywood production to resume shooting in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic last summer, adding countless millions onto what was already a hefty budget, Universal took the safest possible option when it came to Jurassic World: Dominion by delaying the sixth installment in the series by an entire year.

It’s certainly been a tricky process to get to this point, with director Colin Trevorrow first calling action in February 2020 before COVID-19 took hold, forcing his entire cast and crew to quarantine in the same hotel to minimize the risk of spreading the infection. After being given the okay to get back underway, the production then faced a logistical nightmare by implementing the rigorous health and safety protocols required while moving the shoot from Canada to England, then off to Malta and over to the United Kingdom once again.

Dominion wrapped in November, though, and while it might not be coming to the big screen for another thirteen months, Trevorrow teased in a new interview that a trailer may be arriving sooner than we think, so post-production must be moving along nicely.

“It’s going to be sooner than you think. I can’t talk about it just yet. We’ve got something fun planned, and it has everything to do with getting people back into the movie theaters.”

The most obvious candidate on which to hang the first Jurassic World: Dominion footage would be Fast & Furious 9, Universal’s other marquee franchise that releases domestically on June 25th. The studio does have Sylvester Stallone’s Samaritan debuting next Friday, but that’s an R-rated effort, as is The Forever Purge, M. Night Shyamalan’s Old and the Candyman reboot, which are the company’s other major titles set to hit theaters between now and the end of the summer, so there’s certainly a solid reason to believe that the teaser will be with us in a matter of weeks.

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