Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow To Write And Direct Intelligent Life


This summer, writer-director Colin Trevorrow will make his blockbuster debut with long-anticipated dino sequel Jurassic World. Partaking on such a grandiose venture was a dream come true for the helmer, whose prior credit to landing that sweet gig was 2012 indie gem Safety Not Guaranteed. Now, his streak of good luck now looks set to continue, as THR reports that Dreamworks has snatched up his next outing in the form of Intelligent Life.

Reuniting Trevorrow with his Safety and Jurassic co-scribe Derek Connolly, the pair will co-write the pic with the former set to direct and produce, and the latter on track to executive produce. As for its story, the sci-fi thriller will be based on a previous script by the pair called The Ambassador. That story told of a UN worker in a department that was to represent humankind should extraterrestrials ever try to establish contact.

The original concept will now take shape as Intelligent Life, which the trade went on to describe as a “re-conceived and re-thought” version of that earlier concept with a tone that “harkens to Safety Not Guaranteed and is a big idea surrounded by rich characters.”

The project will join Trevorrow with his Jurassic executive producer Steven Spielberg and producer Frank Marshall, with both taking up the same roles on Intelligent Life. Their involvement on Trevorrow’s third movie to date is an encouraging indicator with regards to Jurassic World. His appointment at the helm of such an important franchise – that may spawn more sequels if all goes to plan – was met with intrigue by many, who took his slight resume as a sign of unpreparedness. If Spielberg and Marshall are backing the same horse twice, then who are we to argue?